So i recently discovered socket cluster while browsing github, and I though it would be interesting to see as a react/websocket based chat demo. So using es6 i whipped up a simple demo and have published it on github and put up a demo.

Demo (you should also be able to interact with it on the bottom right hand of the web page)



  • So when you run socketcluster create myapp it generates a relatively complex server.js for providing defaults and processing arguments, this seems to be handy for targeting container based setups. But for a basic projects this seems to be an overkill, though I decided i wanted the best of both worlds 😉 e.g. /src/server/utils/scluster.js
  • The control on the bottom right is the same code as the it just looks for a html element on the page and if it cant be found then it switches to overlay mode using position fixed.
  • While building for production I currently have a enforced variable for my socket cluster server /src/react-app/app.jsx#L33